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Celebrating Wishbone Day in Gorton House

- April 21, 2016

At the infants home we recognise there are many community events that hold significant meaning for our families & educators. For the community within Gorton House “wishbone day” is one of those events.


Wishbone Day is a day celebrated annually with the aim of raising awareness of Osteogenesis Imperfecta, (OI) often known as “brittle bones.” One of our children sees wishbone day as her party day and on Tuesday we celebrated with an afternoon tea for families and children. Someone even made great wishbone day cookies! 



When asked what she wanted people to know about OI she was clear, sharing her experience. “When you have OI, your bones break, then you wear a splint for 2 days and then you take it off.” What this child also shows us about OI is that like any other child, she is bursting with joy and enthusiasm, wants to do everything everyone else does (and she does) and has dreams and ambitions.

Wishbone day is usually celebrated on the 6th May each year. We brought forward celebrations in Gorton House to allow for scheduled surgery, and we didn’t want our advocate for OI & wishbone day to miss the celebration, especially as a special yellow dress had been bought for the occasion (yellow being the colour of wishbone day). We’d like to thank everyone who attended our wishbone day celebration.

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