Each Child, Every opportunity

Our vision, values and role are grounded upon providing each child every opportunity

Our Vision
Each Child, Every opportunity

A society in which each child is given the chance in early childhood to develop their abilities to meet life’s challenges and opportunities.

Our Values

Integrity underpins all that we do. We are trustworthy and professional. We make fair and ethical decisions to support our mission. We are honest in our communications. We do what we say we are going to do and achieve what we set out to. We comply with all laws and regulations and proactively manage risk. We have the courage to speak out.


We value and celebrate diversity. We foster a sense of belonging in our relationships and provide opportunities for children, families, educators, customers, and our community. We are committed to reconciliation.


We strive to build our relationships with stakeholders as partnerships. Our relationships are authentic, collaborative, and respectful. We share ideas, knowledge, and perspectives. We genuinely seek and act on feedback. We support our people to learn and work in ways that bring out their best.


We are committed to providing the best possible education, care, wellbeing and health services for children and families in a financially sustainable manner. As leaders we advocate for children and families and seek to influence practice and pedagogy. We acknowledge and value our past, but continually look to the future.


We are bold and courageous, challenging the status quo. We take calculated risks, try new things, and learn from experience. We are curious, open-minded, and continually strive to positively impact more children in more ways. We are creative, innovative and look for ways to work differently.

Our Role
What we provide

We provide early intervention and other services for children before they go to school, particularly children and families with vulnerabilities. We do this in an environment in which the value and dignity of every child is recognised.

What we promote

We promote the interests of children by providing advice to community organisations, the community sector and government.