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Child and Family Services across Sydney since 1874

The Infants' Home has provided integrated early childhood education, family day care, early intervention and health services for 150 years

Celebrating 150 Years of Award-winning Early Childhood Education, Family Day Care, Early Intervention and Health Services for Children and Families Throughout Sydney

Guiding families to create a more positive future for themselves

With our official anniversary on 15 May 2024, The Infants’ Home has been providing award-winning integrated early childhood education, family day care, early intervention and clinical services to thousands of children (aged from birth to school age) and their families. Thirty per cent of our onsite services are targeted to support children and families living with vulnerabilities or who have additional needs.

Since 1874 The Infants’ Home has been a dynamic and innovative organisation, championing the rights of children, women and families, protecting those at risk, and guiding families as they build their strength, skills and confidence to create a more positive future for themselves.

Today The Infants’ Home comprises three integrated childcare centres on site in Ashfield, Family Day Care which services the greater Sydney region, as well as a range of family support services.

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Award-winning Early Childhood Education

The Perpetual
Service Star
Award 2018

Excellence in Family Day Care

Excellence In
Building Inclusion
Award 2016

HESTA Early Childhood Education and Care

Our Patron

Mr Dennis Wilson

As a barrister, mediator, and accredited international arbitrator, Mr Dennis Wilson’s work includes dealing in matters of high value or involving significant principle.

Mr Wilson is the husband of the Governor of New South Wales, Her Excellency the Honourable Margaret Beazley AO KC.