Postnatal Care

Support and advice to enable families to confidently manage the challenges of parenting

Sydney Hope Family Cottage

The Infants' Home's wellbeing centre for families

Our postnatal service, known as Sydney Hope Family Cottage, combines a comprehensive range of postnatal health services for families of infants aged from birth to 18 months, which are provided by our qualified Child and Family Health Nurses. Families can choose to receive practical support and information from our nurses through free face-to-face home visits, via video or phone consultations or through a combination of these.

Families who are finding adjusting to the role of new parent challenging, whether with their first baby or with subsequent children, can self-refer to our postnatal service by completing and sending the form on this page, or contacting our Postnatal Service Manager on 0431 360 452 or Families may also be referred by an early childhood health nurse, GP or other health practitioner.

Our postnatal care services include: support with lactation, feeding, sleep and settling, parental wellbeing and connecting families to local services and community.

A home or telehealth visit with a Child and Family Health Nurse is usually arranged after an initial telephone intake consultation. We usually allocate 2.5 to 3 hours for a home visit and the nurse will arrange follow up appointments with the family depending on their needs. We are able to provide telehealth consultations for families who prefer this option.

Please note: That this is not an emergency service. If you require emergency assistance please call 000 or present to your local emergency service.

Postnatal care enquiry