Postnatal Care

Support and advice to enable families to confidently manage the challenges of parenting

Sydney Hope Family Cottage

The Infants' Home's wellbeing centre for families

Sydney Hope Family Cottage

Our postnatal care services known as Sydney Hope Family Cottage is a wellbeing centre for families which combines a comprehensive range of postnatal health services for infants aged from birth to 18 months. The services are provided by registered nurses with maternal, child and family health qualifications.

Our postnatal care services include:

  1. Lactation support.
  2. Bottle feeding and introducing solids.
  3. Sleeping and settling.
  4. Nutrition and general health screening for babies.
  5. Toddler and sibling behaviour management.
  6. Connecting families to services and community.
  7. Support with postnatal depression.
  8. Maternal health.
  9. Parenting advice.
  10. Understanding your baby.

These services are available through home visiting. Nurses consult with families to determine the length of stay, which is usually 2.5 hours.

Families can self-refer or be referred by an early childhood health nurse, a GP or another health practitioner. Fees reflect the level of services provided and can be negotiated at the time of referral. If you are in a private health fund, you may be eligible for cover. Please check with your health fund if your policy covers this service.

To access this service please complete the form on this page and a member of our staff will contact you to discuss your needs.

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