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Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy and Parent Capacity Building

 Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy for children aged up to 9 yearsDelivered by The Infants’ Home speech pathologists and occupational therapists
Individual therapy, therapeutic groups and parenting support

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Registrations are now open for our eight-week ‘School Readiness Group’ for children starting school in 2024.

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Our Operational Philosophy

A child and family-centred model of support and intervention

We believe in a child and family-centred model of support and intervention. We work in partnership with families to meet the goals they have for their children. While our offerings are based in evidence-based practice, we will always make sure we offer this in a way that is the most appropriate for each child and family and explain the reasons for our ways of working.

We are a trauma responsive practice and recognise the importance of working in trauma responsive ways with our staff, families and children. As much as possible we will work to offer a safe and affirming space for anyone who accesses us.

We work in a neuroaffirming way with children and their families, understanding that everyone has different ways of thinking, learning, processing and perceiving information. Our goals and strategies support children to develop and thrive whilst maintaining their strengths and individuality.

We work as a transdisciplinary and collaborative team with a focus on the best interests of the child and family. Our team’s approach is consistent, respectful, and intentional.

Programs and Services

Individual Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy for children aged up to 9 years

The Hub offers individual Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy for children aged up to 9 years. This therapy can be delivered in the child’s home, the community (for example at a park or playground, library, or the child’s childcare service or school) or onsite at The Infants’ Home.

Therapeutic Groups for children aged up to 9 years

The Hub delivers weekly Therapeutic Groups for children during each school term or during school holidays that focus on offering therapeutic support to children in a group setting while also supporting the development of their social skills. Each Therapeutic Group is facilitated by two Therapists from The Infants’ Home’s Allied Health team. They are a cost-effective way for families to access therapeutic support for their child.

Parent Capacity Building

The Hub delivers Parent Capacity Building programs in addition to our current parenting programs. These include webinars for parents on a range of topics related to supporting their child’s learning, development and wellbeing, as well as the delivery of bespoke parenting group programs based on identified community needs.

Program Costs

The Hub delivers fee-for-service programs aligned with the NDIS price guide. Clients can use their eligible NDIS/early intervention funding (plan and self-managed) and/or any Medicare or health insurance rebates they are eligible for toward these costs.

Upcoming Programs

Fun with Food
A four-day school holiday ‘Fun with Food’ group to build the confidence of children who are fussy eaters

Through this group, delivered by two Allied Health therapists from The Infants’ Home, children are introduced to a range of new foods, supported to build their confidence with food, and have opportunities to explore food through play, have fun and make new friends.

Motor Magic
An eight-week group for children challenged with self-regulation and/or managing their emotions

Motor Magic is delivered by two Allied Health therapists from The Infants’ Home. This group supports children’s regulation through the use of gross motor activities and other experiences designed to help them to ‘tune in’ to their bodies and how they are feeling. Children are supported to develop a ‘toolbox’ of gross motor/regulation strategies, to develop cooperative small group skills, have fun and make new friends.

School Readiness
Eight-week ‘Get Ready for School’ group for preschool-aged children starting school in 2024

This group will be delivered by two Allied Health therapists from The Infants’ Home. This group is designed to help children develop and practice foundational skills in preparation for school, with a focus on literacy and fine motor skills, and the development of social/emotional skills to promote self-regulation, social competency and relationship building.

REGISTRATIONS ARE NOW OPEN. This group will run onsite at The Infants’ Home on Thursdays, 9:00am to 12:00pm, from 12 October to 30 November. Register here, or contact us via the details below to learn more.

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