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This week at The Infants' Home: March 19 to March 23, 2018

- March 23, 2018

Welcome to The Infants Home's weekly news roundup.

Murray House

Vinsensia Christanto, Director of Murray House writes about a recent activity in the toddlers room:

"This morning a child greeted me, and went straight to my wrist to have a closer look at my apple watch. He held on tightly on my wrist and used his pointer finger to press on the watch surface - a picture of the earth from space. His face lit up when the earth turned dark as he rotated his finger around the touchscreen.
I offered to take my watch off and placed it on his wrist so that he could further investigate the watch. 

Some other children joined us and I invited the children to make a pretend watch whilst waiting for a turn to look at the real one. The children were curious about the function of a watch. I pointed at the clock on our wall, and explained that the wristwatch tells the time, just like a clock.
I took the clock down so that everyone could get a better look and continue their investigation.

One child scribbled on a piece of paper and created his own "watch". He seemed delighted and asked to hold my watch. 

Another exclaimed, "It's THREE o'clock!"
"What happens at three o'clock? Do we go to sleep?" I asked.
"'s day time!" He replied with a grin.

One child was drawn to her peers' fascination with the watch and requested if she could do some drawing with us. She observed the surface of the clock and I drew her attention to the numbers, movement of the hands and the sound that it made.

I invited the children to investigate the properties of the clock, asking them: Have a look at the movements of the hands.... can you see the numbers? what numbers can you recognise? Use your senses.... does it have a particular smell? How about the sound? can you hear anything?"



Johnson House Toddlers

Johnson House Toddlers have continued their musical learning adventures,  engaging in dancing with bells to an action CD called “Let’s Have A Party". The children were very confident as they moved to the music and kept the beat with the bells, and were surprised at the loud sounds the bells made when they shook them very quickly. Educators plan to continue to offer the children music experiences to explore loud and soft sounds.



Johnson House Preschool

Children at Johnson House Preschool have enjoyed exploring water painting on the wall in the outdoor area. One of the key features of this learning experience is having to work on a vertical surface. Working on a vertical surface helps to promote both gross and fine motor development. The upright posture engages the core muscles (abdominal and back muscles) and the larger surface area means more reaching and movement – so the shoulder and arm muscles are also developing strength and coordination. Working on vertical surfaces supports the progression towards dexterity and control as it encourages the proper wrist position, helping to promote writing development. Lastly, play on a vertical surface gets both hands working together which promotes bilateral integration and crossing midline skills.


Family Day Care

An educator in St George, Estela, has been sourcing materials from her local community and environment to challenge the children’s learning and curiosity.
This week Estela sourced gumnut shells from a friend, found a camellia branch in the garden, and her neighbours gave her some palm branches. Finding her own collection of shells and discovering some beautiful banksias at the local markets allowed Estela to create a beautiful nature box for the children to explore. Adding this small box to the learning environment provided a wonderful opportunity for the children to explore a range of natural materials that can be found in the children’s own environments, and inspired wonderful conversations about how to care for the world they live in.



Integrated Services Team

The last infant massage class for the term took place last Saturday morning here at The Infants Home. Parents and their babies were given the opportunity to gain useful knowledge and hands on experience around how to give their baby a massage. Parents were made aware that massaging their baby promotes relaxation and bonding for both parent and infant. The massage techniques demonstrated to parents are used by the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM)


Join us next week for more news from The Infants' Home.


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