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This week at The Infants' Home: February 5 to February 9, 2018

- February 9, 2018

Welcome to The Infants Home's weekly news roundup.

Rigby House

This week, Rigby House staff experienced the thrill of seeing and moving back into their newly renovated centre - they are truly amazed at its transformation.

Even though moving back in involved days of washing windows, hauling and unpacking boxes, scrubbing toys and moving furniture, the team all feel reinvigorated by their beautiful, fresh surroundings and are excited to welcome new and existing children and families back into Rigby House’s inspiring spaces on Monday. We were lucky enough to have volunteers to help with the finishing touches, including a keen group of high school students from Al Zahra College, who helped move, unpack and remove boxes and paint poles!



Murray House

At Murray House toddlers, a caregiving experience was planned to assist in developing the children's sense of empathy and identity around their place in the social world and their impact on others. 

The pretend babies were transferred to the outdoor environment and the children were shown some different equipment and objects necessary for quality caregiving. In particular, educators modelled some caregiving behaviour to challenge the children's thinking and bring to their awareness how thoughtful gestures, touch and speech are all significant aspects of responding to an infants' needs. This is reflected in the many steps of changing infants' nappies (wiping their bottoms carefully), picking up the baby thoughtfully, helping the baby sleep, and bottle feeding by solidly holding/cradling the baby. Children learn empathy from the manner in which adults respect them, and their sense of worth from this can be depicted or transferred into their play in simple gestures such as supporting the baby's neck, turning the baby to face them, and treating them respectfully, knowing that they have the power to influence others.



Johnson House Preschool

The Wobbly water mat was introduced in the outdoor environment at Johnson House Preschool and has been enjoyed by the children. Sensory experiences are an integral part of the program, helping children to develop an awareness of their bodies and senses associated with them.  Sensory play includes any activity that stimulates a child's senses: touch, smell, taste, movement, balance, sight and hearing. Such experiences facilitate exploration and naturally encourage children to use scientific processes while they play, create, investigate and explore. The children have been inventing games, using trial and error to explore skills in balance and movement. This space has helped children to be aware of others and also join together in a mutually enjoyable experience.


Johnson House Toddlers

Educators have followed up the children’s interest in sensory play, setting up bubble play for them. Children were chasing the bubbles, popping them and stomping on them. After some time children became interested in blowing the bubbles by themselves - one child initiated his interest by asking the educator, "Blow, Blow?" The educator followed his interest and gave him the bubble stick to blow. Children then engaged in social play, taking turns to blow bubbles.

While blowing the bubbles the children came up with another idea - they started waving the bubble stick and the big bubbles came out. They were excited to see the big bubbles coming out and kept popping them. Experiences such as this help children to develop their sense of belonging with peers, educators and their environment.



Robinson House

Educators at Robinson House have been examining the potential for learning opportunities and enrichment of every day routines, such as meal times - looking at how to enrich language, connection and a child’s sense of belonging. Children and educators have been discussing where food comes from and how it gets to them, which led to an experience in producing orange juice. The children were involved in planning the process, and used art to explore their ideas and make a “list” of all the fruits they wanted to explore further.



Family Day Care

In Family Day Care in the Inner West, children have been engaging in role play - creating a car wash facility with some ride on toy cars.  A child drove the car up into the car wash facility and all children had water spray bottles and cloths which they used to clean the car. The children showed great attention to detail in cleaning the doors and trimmings, examining the car thoroughly together and pointing out areas that needed to be re-cleaned. Doors were opened and the boot was opened to ensure the car was perfect. Once the car was satisfactorily cleaned it was driven away, and another car was driven into the car wash garage.


Join us next week for more news from The Infants' Home. 


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