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Johnson House Preschool featured in new anti-bias children's book

- August 3, 2017

Multi verse is an organisation that provides educational resourcing through professional learning and publications in early childhood. Recently published book on anti-bias "Fair's fair: How to tackle bias in early education and care services" featured our Preschoolers from Johnson House.


Sometime ago Dr Red Ruby Scarlet and Lisa Bryant approached The Infants' Home to seek permission from families for a photoshoot to help illustrate an early childhood text ​book on anti-bias that they had co-authored.

The photoshoot was carried out in Johnson House and was a fantastic success. This book, published by MultiVerse, was launched at the Social Justice in Early Childhood Conference. Educators from across The Infants' Home were in attendance, as well as educators from Johnson House.

Dr Red Ruby Scarlett chose to work with the Infants' Home for this project as she has known one of our directors Mariam of Johnson House for 15 years and believes the organisation is filled with great people with great experiences. Red stated that "Mariam was the best person to help illustrate this beautiful book as she is an incredible leader and her centre is filled with beautiful, lush, textured surroundings with a sense of calmness and joyous children".

The authors chose to focus on the issue of Anti-bias in practice as it is an ongoing issue and still very current and a core part of curriculum. Red mentioned the authenticity of the Infants' Home and the way children are loved because of their differences which is why it was such a perfect fit for this book. 


About the book:

Fair’s fair: How to tackle bias in early education and care services

by Dr Red Ruby Scarlet and Lisa Bryant

This book is about fairness in early childhood education. It piggy backs on The Anti-Bias Approach in Early Childhood (3rd Edition) edited by Dr Red Ruby Scarlet. Fair’s fair is written for early childhood educators who are interested in making their everyday practices as inclusive and fair as possible. It offers guides, suggestions and descriptions of what those practices may look like for children and their families and the educators in how they plan, reflect and set up learning environments. The authors sought permission for a photo shoot to illustrate the book acknowledging that Johnson House and the services at The Infants' Home have a long history of practicing fair and equitable educational practices.

Final Cover of Fair's Fair


Book display at the Social Justice Conference


Dr Red Ruby Scarlett and Lisa Bryant


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