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Goldman Sachs delivers gold to The Infants’ Home!

- July 18, 2014

Volunteers from Goldman Sachs financial services group downed their digital devices to don gloves, hoist shovels and wield wheelbarrows to refill The Infants’ Home’s sandpits with golden new sand.

Members of the Goldman Sachs volunteer team

The 20 volunteers worked in 2 teams over 2 days to top up the sandpits in our newer centres and completely empty and refill six sandpits in our older centres. All in all, they would have moved 15 tonnes of old sand to replace it with 20 tonnes of new golden sand. That's a lot of sand!

The hardest part was digging up the old brown sand (complete with dirt, twigs and leaves) and wheeling it uphill to the skip. The fun part was filling up and compacting the new sand. The best part was seeing the children’s anticipation and delight as they explored the new fluffy soft sand.

Sandpits offer endless opportunities for children’s creative play, and the sandpit area is often the first stop for a chat and play with friends. Johnson House director Mariam said the children were very excited about the new sand, saying it was “So clean!...So cool!”.

Hard yakka - emptying the sandpits and filling up the skip

Community TeamWorks
Goldman Sachs have helped The Infants' Home by refreshing our sandpits for a number of years through the Community TeamWorks program. This year the project saw a tripling of their efforts and financial assistance, for which we are very grateful. 

Goldman Sachs' Community TeamWorks grants program supports volunteer projects around the world. Goldman Sachs supplied everything we needed for this project: the fresh sand, a skip for the old sand removal, equipment hire and of course, the all-important volunteer manpower.

Team leaders Tom Cribb and Ian Jones each developed systems for their groups who worked on consecutive days. Both demonstrated great team spirit and said it was hard work, but so rewarding to see the children  jump straight in to the frefreshed sandpits. 

The great sand mystery…
One of the mysteries of every child care centre is where does the sand go? The answer seems to be that much of it goes home with the children…in shoes, socks, shirts, pockets, cuffs and backpacks. We will enjoy the sight of our full, golden sandpits while it lasts!

Thank you Goldman Sachs!

A job well done:  Robinson House children enjoy their refreshed sandpit. This sandpit alone took 8 tonnes of new sand!

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