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Creating better learning spaces for toddlers

- August 9, 2012

Our Johnson Babies team undertake some internal renovations to provide extra learning space for our 0-2 year-olds.

Johnson Babies Team Leader Cathy shares a story with Lucy (L) and Emily (R)

Making children feel comfortable in a group setting is an important focus for all educators at The Infants’ Home. When children feel supported it is easier for educators to develop their wellbeing and sense of belonging.

This is why The Infants’ Home considers all aspects of our learning programs, such as consistent routines, interesting activities and inviting physical environments.

Children from Johnson Babies enjoy some play time with Educator Lisa.

Time for a change

At Johnson Babies, the educational team decided it was time for a revamp. They replaced old furniture, got in some new resources, and set up a second room as a new learning space.

The new environment is designed to

Cathy takes morning tea with Lucy (L) and Emily (R).


More room to move

The Johnson Babies Team explains the thinking behind the changes...

"This age group learns best in small groups," the team says.

"Having 16 children in one room felt congested at times, and it was a bit unsettling for some children. Two learning environments give the children opportunities to play in small groups."

Lewis has some one-on-one learning time with Educator Lisa.

Better spaces for all

The team also looked at the dynamics of the rooms and the types of families who attend Johnson Babies on certain days.

"As an integrated service, we provide care for all types of families, so we needed to make our spaces inviting for everyone," the team says.

"We also looked at the learning experiences and discovered that we were squeezing up to 6 learning areas into the one room. This meant we could never have a large space for a group of children.

"Now, we think we have the best of all worlds."

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