The Infants' Home Factsheet

2016 – our year in numbers

When we last checked the who, what, when, where, how and why of our work with children and families, this is what we discovered...

2,652 children accessed our services

11,286 ​primary health consultations delivered to the wider community by the GP clinic (Your Doctors)

1,321 children attended a family day care home managed by The Infants' Home Family Day Care Sydney Wide

408 immunisations were provided by the GP clinic

19 sessions for children in our SpOT clinic

645 children attended one of our four early education and care centres

597 corporate volunteers came to The Infants’ Home

246 children and parents/carers attended our playgroups

138 were supported by the Sydney Hope Family Cottage postnatal clinic

182 parents/carers attended our parent education programs

82 children transitioned to primary school from an Early Childhood Education and Care Centre






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