This Week at The Infants’ Home 7 June to 11 June

Welcome to The Infants' Home weekly news roundup.

2021 News Articles, All News Articles — Published 11 June 2021

Johnson House

Story by Educator Sofia

The children in Johnson House have been quite interested in bugs lately, and they have been going on lots of adventurous hunts all around the playground.

To follow up on this interest, the children and Educators set up a space where we could further explore this topic. The children made suggestions and contributed their ideas to help enhance their play and learning. Bugs, small logs, trees and grass were some of the ideas suggested and then implemented to make this learning space inviting. Lots of children enjoyed engaging in the area. They also enjoyed the sensory experience of exploring the textures of the natural materials, and this space prompted children to ask lots of questions about bugs to further their understanding. Some of the children even reimagined the space through dramatic play, making an insects stew together!

What a great learning experience—we look forward to continuing this interest in the coming days.

Murray House

Story by Centre Director Jamie

One of our toddlers’ favourite things to do at Murray House is to go out and explore The Infants’ Home grounds, in particular the ‘big tree’ that is just outside the reception foyer. The children love climbing on the tree together, building houses and teepees and exploring the surrounding flowers and trees. When we make our way to the tree we talk with the children about our environment and how to take care of, for example, why the flowers fall off the trees, and how we can help them to grow.

Gross motor and risky play are a very important part of childhood, and we work with our children to help them to climb on the tree in a safe way, reminding them to climb slowly and to watch where they are stepping.

Family Day Care Sydney Wide

Story by Educator Support Officer Mardi 

Exploring culture, traditions and backgrounds, and raising awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and communities, is important in all our Family Day Care services. Our Educators encourage children to engage in a variety of planned experiences that promote respect for diversity.

At Rae’s Family Day Care the children recently enjoyed exploring Indigenous symbols and signs on small round cards. Symbols are used in many ways in Aboriginal culture, and they often relay information about a place or help to tell a story. In this activity the children were supported to look at the signs and symbols, talk about them with each other, look and interpret their meanings and share their ideas.

The activity was also a lovely way to teach art as a language, as further exploration included recreating the symbols and signs in drawings.

Community Playgroups

Story by Playgroup Coordinator Rebecca

At playgroup we have been using natural materials in our play and craft activities. Using natural materials such as leaves, flowers, sticks and rocks helps us to feel connected to the natural world and also provides us with sensory experiences we might not usually have.

We used a branch we found on the ground as a base for threading ribbons and leaves of various textures to create a butterfly collage. Using natural items is an easy and cost efficient way to share sensory experiences with your child.