This Week at The Infants’ Home 6 May to 10 May

Welcome to The Infants' Home weekly news roundup.

2019 News Articles, All News Articles — Published 10 May 2019

Johnson House


Jump, Step and Walk

The children were eager to continue their recent interest in engaging in gross motor play experiences this week. To build on the their existing gross motor skill strengths, and to offer them more of a challenge, the educators set up some new gross motor equipment for an obstacle course in the outdoor environment. The children were very enthusiastic about stepping up onto the high platform and walking over the wavy bridge. There was also laughter from the children as they jumped onto the crash mat. At first the children were a little unsure about how to walk on the wavy bridge. With support and encouragement from their educator, and some role modelling, the children discovered they could walk slowly and get up onto the platform safely. They very proud of themselves and they demonstrated their confidence as they took several turns on the equipment. The obstacle course and equipment will be set up permanently in the outdoor environment so that the children can choose to participate in gross motor experiences daily if they wish.


The children in Johnson House preschool have been showing an interest in creating shopping lists and using their imaginations to pretend to go shopping. Educators have offered a range of catalogues for the children to cut out pictures and create their lists, which has helped facilitate opportunities to engage in literacy, as well as develop their fine motor skills. The children have also been showing confidence in contributing to discussions about their experiences of going shopping, and this has been a great way for the children to use their knowledge to engage in conversations as well as act out these experiences in their play.

Family Day Care

The children at Jayne’s Family Day Care in the Northern Beaches Family day Care Sydney Wide hub have been exploring scientific facts in relation to how strong an egg shell is and how to protect a falling egg. The children dropped an egg wrapped in bubble wrap and surrounded by inflated balloons. They discussed at what height the egg might need to be dropped at to pop the balloons. Jayne and the children used various heights until they were ready to open the protective layers to find out how the egg had fared. They discovered that even though the egg was surrounded by the bubble wrap and balloons, it still cracked. The children took great delight in watching the balloon and egg drop, waiting in anticipation for a balloon to pop or to hear the egg break. This activity encouraged the children’s natural curiosity as they considered many questions about how hard the shell of the egg was, and how well the balloons and bubble wrap might protect the egg.


This week at playgroups it was all about MUM! With Mother’s Day on this Sunday 12 May, the children enjoyed making Mother’s Day cards and heart decorations and painting tea cups using tea bag ‘brushes’! We also read ‘My mum is the best’ at story time. Children also enjoyed sand play, playdough, home corner and dancing at our playgroups this week.