This Week at The Infants’ Home 30 August – 3 September

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2021 News Articles, All News Articles — Published 3 September 2021

Murray House

Sing and Sign

Story by Educator Sophie

Exploring language using songs and sign is a useful way of associating the meaning and music of sounds in language. The melody, rhythm and patterns in sound, and the structure of words, are naturally deconstructed and reconstructed when listened to, re-enacted and performed together as a group.

Music is a really engaging and expressive vehicle for children to learn first group interactions, and the structure of our Speech Pathologist Kacey’s weekly integrated music group in Murray House is a really special outlet for our children to play and learn. We are so lucky to have such an excellent Speech Pathologist available to the team to really support the fundamentals of learning from language and each other. Kacey guides us with patience, perspective and fun.

The Friday groups with Kacey are built on strong foundations that use a continued and consistent playlist and routine elements to provide children with an experience that is familiar and relatable. It is beautiful to see how much progress the children have made already, and how much joy these experiences provide for the group.

Kacey brings us a beautiful energy and an open-hearted group time that ebbs and flows with the children’s dynamics. She has an amazing wealth of ideas and knowledge and is always taking note of tiny moments that make the big picture.

We are at a language ‘boom time’ in Murray House, and I have definitely heard loads of lovely voices having sporadic sing alongs throughout the day as the children jump at opportunities to practice our songs!

Family Day Care Sydney Wide

Small tokens of gratitude go a long way for Family Day Care Sydney Wide’s Educators… In celebration of Early Childhood Educators’ Day 2021 and the wonderful work our Family Day Care Educators do every day we all say thank you!