This Week at The Infants’ Home 2 December to 6 December

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Johnson House


Fast and slow movements and loud and soft sounds

The children in Johnson House toddlers are very enthusiastic about dancing with scarves and singing with our percussion instruments. This week, to continue to follow the children’s interest in movement and singing, the children sang with the bells and danced and moved with the scarves. They practiced moving with the scarves fast and slow and enjoyed creating loud sounds and soft sounds with the bells. As the children moved and created sounds with the percussion instruments they were developing their understanding of musical concepts and also learning about opposites.


Literacy is embedded in the Johnson House preschool program in a range of ways. Recently one of our educators Fen has been working closely with the children to continue to enhance their knowledge and understanding of letters. A range of experiences have been planned and implemented which have helped to give the children hands-on opportunities to build on their letter recognition skills. The children helped to create dough and then used this to form letters. They initially experimented with letters they were familiar with and then, as their confidence grew, they were able to explore new letters and to use letter cards as a reference. This was a great opportunity for the children to gain a greater knowledge of letters of the alphabet.


Community Playgroups

This week was the last week of the year for all of our playgroups.

Red Bug Playgroup

It was another busy morning at the Red Bug playgroup at Ashfield Park this week. The children were busy at the playdough table, while at the craft table they were decorating Christmas trees using glitter, sequins and coloured stamps. They also continued to write and draw letters to Santa and post them. They had a surprise visit from Santa who did a dance with the children with the rhythm sticks, then joined us for group time, where sang some songs and read ‘Maccas Christmas Crackers’ and ‘Jingle Bells’.

Wangal Playgroup

Wangal playgroup at Ashfield Public School was feeling very festive this week. The children wrote letters to Santa, decorated Christmas trees and made Santa beards and reindeer hats at the craft table. During group time they also danced with rhythm sticks to ‘Go, Santa, go’ and ‘Here come the reindeers’ and we had a graduation ceremony for our children who are going to kindergarten next year. The morning ended with a lovely morning tea that was enjoyed by all!