This Week at The Infants’ Home 1 November – 5 November

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2021 News Articles, All News Articles — Published 5 November 2021

Johnson House 

Story by Educator Madhu

The children in Johnson House have enjoyed engaging in a range of experiences to celebrate Diwali, the Indian festival of lights, also known as Deepavali, which celebrates the triumph of good over evil or light over darkness.

The children have been very engaged and have shown their interest in experiences such as dressing in traditional clothes and making Rangoli patterns with coloured sand and coloured playdough. The children had the opportunity to have Henna painted on their hands, and to make an Indian sweet called ‘Laddu’ or ‘Laddoo’, which is a coconut ball made with coconut and condensed milk.

The children enjoying doing these experience and Educators were able to share their knowledge with the children and extend this interest with the children.