This Week at The Infants’ Home 5 April to 9 April

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2021 News Articles, All News Articles — Published 9 April 2021

Johnson House

Story by Educator Alisa

 Following children’s discussions about volcanic eruptions and dinosaurs during their play in Johnson House, the children have been encouraged to participate in science experiments to find out what happens when volcanoes erupt. The children examined the attributes of the ingredients used in the experiments, including bi-carb soda, yellow dye and white vinegar. The children observed the colours of the bi-carb soda and dye as being white and yellow respectively. Then they smelt the white vinegar, which they all found to be ‘stinky’ and ‘sour.’ They also noticed that we had both dry and wet ingredients.

Placing small amounts of bi-carb soda and yellow dye on a tray, the children used pipettes to squeeze some white vinegar on the dry mixture. They were all in awe of the reaction that took place, which looked like a real volcanic eruption, complete with yellow lava coming out and a fizzing sound. The children were curious and enthusiastic participants in their learning. They experimented, problem solved and investigated, using their imaginations to test out their ideas about what takes place during a volcanic eruption. They also used their senses to examine the attributes of the ingredients used for the experiment, which enriched their learning and understanding of the functions of each. This was a great hands-on experience to further extend the children’s discussions and knowledge of volcanoes.

Rigby House

Story by Centre Director Isa

The educators at Rigby House have been providing a daily yoga experiences for the children. As soon as they see Educators get out the yoga cards, the children head to the ‘yoga mat’ and sit down, ready to listen.

Yoga provides the children with many developmental benefits. It supports their physical development and improves their balance, strength and coordination. It also improves children’s listening and memory skills and their ability to focus and concentrate on their bodies as they learn various poses and how to position their body.

Yoga with our young children is a more animated and noisier experience than adult yoga. As the children share the experience, they learn from one another, and continue to develop their social skills.

It has been lovely to see our young children develop self-confidence and physical skills; but most of all it is so rewarding to see them relax, have fun and enjoy being with each other.

Family Day Care Sydney Wide

Story by Educator Support Officer Maureen

At Easter it is important to think about how we celebrate our traditional festivities.

Celebrating traditions and customs that are relevant to our children’s community, and reflecting on the traditions and customs of multicultural Australia, were a big focus this Easter.

During this time our Educators provided lots of opportunities for our children to participate in celebration experiences that included traditional storytelling, making Easter baskets, egg decorating, Easter murals and taking part in our community Easter Egg hunt.