This Week at The Infants’ Home 22 February to 26 February

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2021 News Articles, All News Articles — Published 26 February 2021

Johnson House

Story by Centre Director Amy

The children in Johnson House have been exploring water colours. During these experiences the children have been investigating colour mixing, which has led to a variety of experiments being conducted. The opportunity to revisit such experiences over a period of time has meant the children’s learning and knowledge has been enhanced, as well as their willingness to further explore and create. Additional materials, such as markers, have been provided for the children to extend on their skills. The continuation of these experiments in small groups has also provided predictability and supported children to connect with others.

Murray House

Story by Educator Dalia

In Murray House infants the children have shown interest in exploring sensory blocks through methods such as shaking them and looking through them. Extending on this interest, sensory bottles were introduced into the environment. These sensory bottles contained water, glitter, coloured dyes and other interesting objects. The children demonstrated excitement and enthusiasm when exploring the bottles. They were mesmerised as they observed the slow descent of the glitter and the floating objects; this experience calmed the children’s breathing and helped them regulate their emotions and sensory dispositions. The sensory bottles also encouraged children to use their fine motor skills as they squeezed, shook and rolled the bottles to each other, and they built on their social skills through their play. The bottles also helped to support the children’s sense of curiosity and discovery of their learning environment through sensory play, enabling them to tap into their senses to develop their understanding of the world around them.

Family Day Care Sydney Wide

Story by Educator Support Officer Maureen

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic our Family Day Care Educator, Kim Do in Maroubra, quickly recoginised the need to offer the families using her service enhanced hygiene opportunities. She reflected on her current practice and decided she needed to restrict visitors in her learning environment. While families could drop their children off at her front door, Kim still wanted them to feel valued and welcomed. She quickly put her husband to work, and together they built a hand washing station opposite the front door. This set up is so successful that it is still in place today. Families were grateful for Kim’s fast thinking and caring nature, and gave her very positive feedback.