Organisations can help raise funds for The Infants'Home

Raising funds helps us change the lives of vulnerable children and their families

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Does your organisation want to help make a difference?

We welcome any business that would like to help champion the rights of children, women and families, and protecting those at risk

How your organisation can raise funds

There are many ways to raise funds for The Infants’ Home

  • Auctions, Gala Dinners
  • Sports Tournaments
  • Raffles
  • Trivia Night
  • Guessing Competitions
Create your own Everyday Hero fundraising page

You can contribute to our work with vulnerable children and families by creating your own fundraising page via the Everyday Hero web site. An Everyday Hero fundraising page is a special website which allows:

  • You to accept donations online on behalf of The Infants’ Home
  • Anyone to make donations and leave a message of support
  • Donations to be automatically processed and transferred to The Infants’ Home

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