Workplace Giving to The Infants' Home

A simple, effective and affordable way to make a regular donation

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Donate through an automated payroll deduction

Donate small amounts to The Infants' Home each pay period through your employer's payroll system

Small gifts make a huge difference to those in need

Workplace Giving is a simple, effective and affordable way to make a regular donation to The Infants’ Home. Automatic deductions through an employee payroll program is a great way to maximise the value of your gift. Some companies also offer matching gifts, where they will match an employee’s donation dollar for dollar, amplifying the impact of your decision to donate.

What is Workplace Giving for The Infants’ Home?

Workplace giving is a program that enables you to donate small amounts to The Infants’ Home on a regular basis, (ie each pay period) through your employer’s payroll department. You nominate a donation amount to be deducted from your pre-tax wage, and your employer will complete the administration and pass the donation on to The Infants’ Home. These small gifts can make a huge difference, and can enable us ensure continuation of our services for young children and families and to fulfil our mission of giving each child every opportunity.

Will my employer also donate?

Many companies with a workplace giving program will also match your donation dollar for dollar (to a maximum amount). This helps amplify the impact of your decision to donate – effectively doubling your gift to us. We encourage you to check your employer’s policy on matched giving.

Which Workplace Giving Programs is The Infants’ Home linked to?

There are many workplace giving donation systems and platforms that companies can use to enable their employees to donate to charity through payroll. The Infants’ Home is listed with the following:

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