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Sam was born with Down syndrome (Trisomy 21) a genetic disorder that causes developmental and learning delays and distinctive facial features.

Sam spent the first six weeks of his life in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit due to health complications. The hole in his heart he was born with had not closed and he struggled to breathe and feed and was fed via a nasal gastric tube until he was six months old. At five months of age he underwent open heart surgery.

For first time parents Natalie and Mathew, the prospect of finding child care where Sam’s specific health and developmental needs could be met was daunting. However, with no family in Sydney, they needed to find a suitable place for Sam so that Natalie could return to work. Natalie first learned about our child care centres when she contacted our Sydney Hope Cottage postnatal service for help with breastfeeding following Sam’s heart surgery.

Sam started in our Rigby House centre when he was one. The integrated team of educators, a nurse and allied health staff worked closely with Sam, Natalie and Mathew to support Sam’s transition to child care. Here he could participate in our play-based learning program with other children while also having his health and development needs met.

Sam settled happily into child care, but then at 18 months old he was diagnosed with Leukemia and Osteomyelitis (a bone infection) and was taken out of the centre while he underwent cancer treatment.

Natalie says, “I cannot express enough how supportive the staff were at this time. They reassured me that when Sam was better he could come back and not to worry about that. The second time [he enrolled] after his treatment was honestly like coming back home—the support, love and genuine joy in seeing him better—no words can really do it justice.

Upon his return to our Johnson House centre, Natalie felt that everyone was always kept on the same page with regard to Sam’s needs and wellbeing, and that the whole team shared in the joy of his triumphs and achievements.

In 2016 Sam transitioned successfully to primary school, and he also began to walk independently that year. Now aged 10, he attends an Education Support Unit within a local primary school in Perth, where he and his family moved in 2017.

He has achieved some fantastic milestones since leaving The Infants’ Home. Last year he ran right to the finish line in his school’s sports carnival running race, and he still continues to maintain friendships with many of his peers from his days at The Infants’ Home.

All the programs at The Infants’ Home are specially developed to take into consideration each child’s needs, strengths and vulnerabilities. But government funding and child care fees only go so far. We rely on the generosity of our supporters and the community to provide the integrated specialist services that are so necessary for children like Sam to be able to celebrate their milestones.

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Inclusive support

$50 can help provide inclusive music, movement and therapy services to children as part of their child care activities.

Home Support for a Family/ Family Support

$150 can enable our social workers to visit families in their own homes to provide advice and support and to help them to connect with services and resources in the community.

Help a Child Start School

$500 can enable our educators and allied health team to work collaboratively with individual families to help children with additional to transition to school successfully.

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