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A bequest is a lasting gift which you make through your Will

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Leave a lasting gift to a worthy cause

Celebrate the memory of someone important to you

Gifts to The Infants’ Home are tax deductible for your Estate

A bequest is a gift to a person, family or charity which you make through a Will. Also known as planned giving or a legacy, it is an opportunity to celebrate the memory of someone important to you by leaving a lasting gift to a worthy cause.

Gifts to The Infants’ Home are tax deductible. By making a bequest to The Infants’ Home, you are not only supporting young children and their families, but also reducing the amount of tax your estate will have to pay.

How to arrange a bequest

To leave a bequest to The Infants’ Home, it is best to consult with a solicitor who will ensure your estate is distributed according to your wishes. If you don’t have a solicitor, the Law Council of Australia website can provide suitable direction.

The most common types of bequests include:

  • General bequest
    A general bequest is a testamentary gift that is paid out of the general assets of the estate.
  • Residuary bequest
    A residuary bequest is the amount remaining in an estate after administration expenses, creditors’ claims, and other dispositions (such as your family and friends) have been provided for and any taxes and charges are settled.
  • Proportional bequests
    Proportional bequests are those in the form of a specified percentage of your estate.
  • Specific bequests
    Specific bequests are gifts of a specified amount of money, shares, property, furniture, jewellery, etcs.

The Infants’ Home and the vulnerable families and children we support would be most grateful for any support you can provide.

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