Play is children’s work

Children's play is controlled by children and focuses on the process rather than the result.

Being able to play is one of the key developmental rights of young children.

The significant contribution of play to young children's development is well documented. Play is essential to a child's overall development.

At the Infants' Home's playgroups, children can play in a safe and interesting space, and parents and carers can get to know each other in a relaxing and family friendly environment. 

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Boys playing with water

Through play, children explore materials,  create, construct and discover.

Children learn by doing

At playgroups, children can develop their social, language, cognitive and motor skills by participating in play.

The Infants' Home early childhood teachers and educators provide a wide range of activities and games for children to participate in at the playgroups.

The playgroups cater for children from birth to school age. There is always activities and equipment to suit all ages.

The playgroup coordinator sets up activities that foster a wide range of developmental skills.

These activities allow opportunities for children to take the initiative, develop independent thought, and choose what they would like to do.

The focus is on open-ended play rather than structured educational and recreational activities.

Singing time at Wangal playgroup at Ashfield Public School.

Rhyme Time

During each playgroup, an early childhood teacher or educator presents singing time and games with children.

This time develops language skills, memory, concentration span and social skills.

With all our playgroups there is no need to book; you can just turn up on the day.

"You can learn more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation."

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