The Infants' Home provides creative, healthy, and nutritious meals that are prepared by qualified chefs. 

Menus are designed to provide at least 50 per cent of the recommended daily intake of  nutrients for children, recommended by the NSW Health Nutrition Checklist for Long Day Care Menu Planning.

Our meals are delivered fresh each day from Kids Gourmet Food, a specialised catering company devoted exclusively to serving food for children in childcare centres, kindergartens and pre-schools.



Sample menus

The Infants' Home's daily menu includes:

Read some sample menus for children aged 6-12 months and 1-5 years.

The weekly menu for children aged 1-5 includes 2 serves of white meat, 2 serves of red meat, 5 serves of dairy and 5 serves of vegetables.

Meeting special requirements

The Infants' Home caters for children with food restrictions due to allergies, health, or cultural reasons. We work with parents and medical professionals to understand each child’s needs.

We specialise in providing meals for children with severe allergies that can trigger anaphylactic reactions.  There is a dedicated planning process that deals with many factors, such as purchasing and preparation through to meal times and special celebrations.

Information for parents

Read more about how The Infants' Home and Kids Gourmet Food help to meet your child's daily food requirements.

"[I am] happy with the amount of food that [my child] gladly eats whilst at Rigby." Parent


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