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Start a Family Day Care business

Family Day Care as a business opportunity 

Running your own Family Day Care (FDC) business is a rewarding experience. You will be part of an established child care sector that has been operating throughout Australia for over 40 years. 

Professional and personal benefits

You will benefit from brand recognition, marketing material, customer service management and professionals experienced in supporting and training you through your local scheme. 

Your home-based business offers tax advantages and the ability to spend more time with your own children.

You can choose your income level and work hours to suit you and your clients.  

National accreditation means quality care

Your family day care service is part of the National Quality Framework, so the families using your service will know their children are receiving quality care.

As an approved child care service, families who use family day care can receive the full range of child care fee subsidies available from the Australian Government. 

This includes full Child Care Benefit (CCB) and the Child Care Tax Rebate.

Family Day Care in your local area is part of a national network of children’s services that you can tap into at any time.

You can join your local educator networking group or Family Day Care Australia. They are all sources of information about marketing, policy, media, public relations, events, breaking news and products tailored for your business. 

Standards you must meet

Potential FDC businesses must meet registration requirements of FDC Sydney Wide to be eligible to operate under our licence and the National Quality Framework.

Please note: We look for residences that meet regulations and have adequate space and facilities for a child care service

Once registered with our scheme, you will get all the support, advice, training and guidance you need to start your own business.

More information

If you are interested in starting your own FDC business please contact:

For Inner West/Ashfield and surrounding suburbs 

For Hurstville/St George and surrounding suburbs

For Randwick, South Sydney and surrounding suburbs

For Northern Beaches/Mosman and surrounding suburbs 


Ask to speak to Family Day Care and a staff member will talk you through the steps in setting up your Family Day Care business.

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