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With more than 140 years of history The Infants’ Home has a rich archive. We can help you trace the records of any family members who may have spent time at The Infants’ Home as a child.

Our records are held at the State Library of NSW. The library supervises access to information on our behalf in accordance with the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW). Records searches are conducted by The Infants' Home trained staff or volunteers on behalf of interested parties, once a completed Records Search Enquiry Application Form has been submitted as below.


Children at The Infants' Home had a ready supply of fresh milk at the turn of the last century.

How to search our records

To launch a records search enquiry download and complete the Records Search Enquiry Application Form.

The Records Search Enquiry Application Form requires you to provide the following information:

Send in your completed form and a brief cover letter stating the nature of your enquiry to:

via email: abyrne@theinfantshome.org.au

via Post: 17 Henry Street, Ashfield, NSW 2131

Records of people still living 

If the people whose records you want to access are still alive, we will also need their signed consent, or the signed consent of their next of kin or person deemed responsible for their welfare.


Toddlers from The Infants' Home prepare for an outing in the early 1900s. 

Children enjoy sunshine with matrons in front of the original historic house onsite.

The Infants' Home nursing staff at the turn of the century. 

What happens next

Once The Infants’ Home receives your completed form and supporting documents, our trained Records Search Volunteer will complete a search on your behalf, and will pass the details to you for follow up. Please note that a search may take up to 12 weeks to complete.

Researching your family history elsewhere

Infants' Home have put together a document with suggestions for information and suport when researching your family history. You can download the Records Search Recommendations document here.


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