Our management team and staff

Anne-Marie Byrne

Communications and Development Manager

BA Applied Communications, MA International Studies

Anne-Marie Byrne

Anne-Marie has extensive experience in managing people, campaigns, communications, media, marketing and events in the commercial and not-for-profit sectors. She has worked for state, national and international organisations in support of humanitarian and environmental causes; and has successfully engaged business, government, corporate and community groups in their progress.

"As a proven agent of positive social change, I find The Infants’ Home inspiring. I look forward to enhancing our communications, partnerships and fundraising as we transition to become a sustainable social enterprise."


We employ over 120 permanent staff, 40 regular casual staff, and have over 120 self-employed educators in our family day care program. Each year we are also supported by almost 600 corporate volunteers.

Staff at The Infants' Home reflect the diversity of the communities in which we operate, with many of our staff and self-employed educators are fluent in community languages.


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