Careers at The Infants' Home


Why work with us

Help give each child every opportunity

The Infants’ Home is one of Australia’s leading providers of early childhood education and intervention services for children from birth to school age.

Since 1874 we have challenged conventional wisdom to protect children at risk, and strengthen families in vulnerable situations so they can break the cycle of hardship, fear or hopelessness that affects so many lives.

Today, we maintain this conviction.

Early childhood teacehr Vin Christanto (R) searches for worms with children at Gorton House. 

We know that a child’s early years are fundamental to their journey through life. Concern for the health and wellbeing of children and their primary carers is our focus. It inspires everything we do. 

Make a difference

We offer learning and support programs that help young children and their families meet life’s challenges, embrace opportunities, and reach their unique potential – whatever their background or circumstance.

Each year our services help over 2,600 children and their families with education, health and early childhood advice, and reach more than 500 families with our early intervention programs.

The Infants’ Home is a not-for-profit organisation with a long and proud history of innovation.

The essence of what we do is best described by one core principle: to provide each child with every opportunity.


Some of the benefits of working for The Infants’ Home include:

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