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Tour The Infants' Home

The Infants’ Home is opening its doors for guided tours by people involved in early childhood education and care.

We are offering visits to our five centres at Ashfield to demonstrate how we integrate education, intervention and health services in an early childhood setting.

Our centre is open to early childhood education and care practitioners, researchers, students, and international visitors.

Our young gardeners tend to their plants in Gorton House. 

What is involved

You can book a tour for individuals or groups. Tours are informal and led by experienced members of our staff.

Visitors get to see our practice first-hand. You can speak to one of our early childhood directors and to members of our allied health team for insights about how an integrated service works at The Infants’ Home.

Morning tea is always a social affair in Johnson House. 

Sharing the story of integration

In outlining how we approach the concept of integration we are also happy to talk about impacts and outcomes, and answer questions. We want to share our practice of integration with others as fully as possible.

The Infants' Home conducted research with Charles Sturt University into the concept of integration in early childhood education and care. A report on this research, The Art of Integration, explains how and why The Infants’ Home provides integrated early childhood services.


(L) Stories are a favourite pastime in Robinson House (R) New friends are made every day in Rigby House.

More information

For details about guided tours of The Infants’ Home please contact:
(02) 9799-4844

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