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Research and advocacy

In the early 1900s The Infants’ Home was used to provide post graduate training in paediatrics to students from Sydney University.

One such student was to become Sir Lorimer Dods, Professor of Medicine and founder of the Children’s Medical Research Foundation, which is now called the Children's Medical Research Institute.

Sir Lorimer was a pioneer of specialised health care for children.


Sir Lorimer Dods - Australian Father of The Year in 1967.

Our links with academia

In recent years The Infants’ Home has worked on several research projects with many universities, such as:

This research included subjects such as art and play therapy, isolated mothers with newborns, and integrated services.


Making art can help children fit things together in ways that words cannot express.

Current research

Each year The Infants’ Home takes part in various forms of research and evaluation designed to build the store of knowledge about early childhood education and care.

The Art of Integration

Throughout 2011, 2012 and 2013, The Infants' Home conducted research with Charles Sturt University into the concept of integration in early childhood education and care.

The first report on this research, published in May 2012, explains how and why The Infants’ Home provides integrated early childhood services. It draws on documentary evidence and interviews with current and former staff, The Infants’ Home Board members, and parents.

The Art of Integration: Delivering Integrated Education, Care and Support Services for Young Children and their Families

The second report, published in May 2013, explores the issue of attracting, retaining and sustaining staff to work in interprofessional, integrated ways.

The Art of Integration: Attracting and Retaining Staff in Integrated Early Childhood Services

Changing Life Trajectories

In 2010, we continued our research with the University of NSW into the most effective ways to help new mothers from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Our aim is to reduce anxiety and depression among women in this group, who are often socially isolated.

For more information about this research please contact:
Mariam Christodolous

Early Years Learning Framework

The Infants’ Home was proud to be a pilot location for the Federal Government’s Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). The EYLF is part of the government’s reform for early childhood education and care.

The government wants all childcare centres in Australia to use the EYLF with families to develop learning programs that respond to children’s ideas, interests, strengths and abilities. The government also wants people to recognise that children learn through play.

Watch Lynn Farrell, Former Manager of Integrated Services at The Infants' Home, talk about the Early Years Learning Framework.

For more information about how the Early Years Learning Framework operates at The Infants' Home please contact:

Mariam Christodolous
Acting Children's Services Manager (Centre-based)

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