Happenings - Parents


Each issue includes updates on our education and care programs, news about donations, and the latest from the world of early childhood education and care.

Parent Happenings is a bi-monthly newsletter specifically for the parents and carers of children who attend The Infants' Home, our Family Day Care Sydney Wide Services, and our community playgroups. 


Each issue includes individual updates from our 5 early childhood education centres – what children are doing in each centre and how our educators are helping them to learn and grow. We also feature updates on our Community Playgroups, and provide an round up of what's happenings accross our centres for parents and carers on our waiting list.

Current editions - November/December 2017

Gorton House

Rigby House

Murray House

Johnson House Toddlers

Johnson House Preschool

Robinson House

Family Day Care Sydney Wide


Families on The Infants' Home Waiting List


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