Achieving together: Zane's story

As a single father, Brad found that his son Zane was socially withdrawn and having trouble communicating. After some assessment and work with The Infants' Home staff, Zane is now off to a flying start.

Getting to The Infants' Home

Brad, a single father, approached The Infants' Home after seeing our bus collect children in his building. 

Initially, Zane found it very difficult to separate from his Dad. So Zane was slowly introduced to Emily's Place, beginning with short days and lots of visits with his Dad for the first few months.

Developing the plan

Zane had only a few single words and he clung to educators, avoiding being on his own with other children. Zane was initially referred to the local Child & Family Health Centre, then to the Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care for furthur assessment.

A Special Education Teacher, a Speech Pathologist and the Health and Early Childhood Consultant at The Infants' Home all worked with Brad to create an individual family service plan (IFSP) to help Zane develop.

Moving the plan into action

Brad learnt to use a picture communication system to help Zane make choices and ask for what he wanted.

Zane gradually began saying the word as well as pointing to the picture and he is now talking in full sentences, happily chatting with his friends in the playground and telling stories to his Dad.

Zane enjoys joining in small group activities and is an invaluable assistant to team educators.  

Acheiving results

Brad is grateful that all the thought and hard work that has gone into helping Zane build his confidence has been worthwhile.

"The togetherness and the rapport with staff at The Infants' Home has been great," says Brad.

"We wouldn't have achieved what we have now without it."

How You Can Help

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