A home away from home: Shannon's story

Finding a supportive and nurturing environment was vital for this grandmother and her grandson. Family Day Care was the answer. 

The growing challenge

In mid 2005 Beverley was granted full-time guardianship of her grandson Shannon because his parents were facing extreme difficulties.

The added financial pressure of caring for a young boy meant that Beverley had to continue working full time. Consequently, Shannon needed full time care. 

Finding the right place

Beverley contacted The Infants' Home Family Day Care. They organised a placement for Shannon in a stable and supportive environment during an unsettled time in his life. 

The Infants' Home helped Beverely with settling techniques while the Department of Community Services and the Family Assistance Office managed access visits and fees.

The aim was to ensure that Shannon's care became a valuable and positive experience for the whole family. 

Growing up

Shannon was eased into Family Day Care for a few short days to begin with and he soon became good friends with other children he met in the carer's home.

He was able to separate easily from his grandmother in the mornings and was glad to be collected in the afternoons, always ready with a big cuddle.

In addition to the love, care and stability Shannon gets in his current home environment, he also receives the support he needs from his Family Day Care carer, her older children and his peers.

They all contribute to Shannon's interests and growth, and to creating many positive life experiences for a little boy who had a shaky start. 

How You Can Help

You can help ensure the continuation of our programs for vulnerable children and families by donating here or calling 02 9799 4844. All donations over $2 are tax deductible. You support will be greatly appreciated.

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