Personal Stories

The Infants’ Home is privileged to work with children and families seeking to build more positive futures for themselves. Change is always possible. It happens by focusing on what we and others CAN do rather than what we can’t do.

This strengths-based approach is at the core of all our work. 

From 1874 until now, thousands of women, children and families have been able to build new lives with support from The Infants’ Home. 

This collection of personal stories shows that people are experts in their own lives. They reveal how we can continue to build stronger children, stronger families and stronger communities.

Sam Breaks Down Barriers

Sam, now aged six, was born with Down Syndrome. His special needs required medical support in many ways. He was placed in the NICU for six weeks, tube fed for the first six months of his life, had open heart surgery at five months old, and survived Leukaemia and Osteomyelitis at 18 months old. To say he’s had a bumpy start to life would be an understatement.

Building hope, building strength: Julia’s story

A journey begins: Emmarisa’s story

Being one of the crowd: Angus’s Story

When Harry met Mel: Harry’s Story

Moving forward, slowly but surely: Jacinta’s Story

Once upon a time there was a little girl…: Kate’s story

Starting out at ‘big school’ can be an exciting but daunting prospect for all children, especially those with a disability. Katie’s three year journey at The Infants’ Home, saw her gain the confidence and independence to make this transition with ease.

Learning to belong: Lizzie's story

How a shy little girl with Down Syndrome learned to fend for herself, make friends and find her place in the world.

Back from the brink: Julie's story

It was always possible for this stressed young mother to find a way through the fog. She just needed some guidance and self-belief.

Finding new confidence: Nicole's story

Some stories are best told by people in their own words. Having made it through a tough period in Sydney, this young family is off to build a new life in rural Victoria.

90 years in the making: Jean & Marion's story

There is not one, but two people still alive who can trace their association with The Infants' Home back more than 87 years. This is their story.

Building a future: Amanda's story

In her own words, a mother explains her gratitude for the support she received from The Infants’ Home during her darkest hour.

Achieving together: Zane's story

As a single father, Brad found that his son Zane was socially withdrawn and having trouble communicating. After some assessments and hard work with The Infants' Home staff, Zane is now off to a flying start.

Walking the talk: Emily's story

This letter, written by Janet Cooksey, mother of then 2 year old Emily was shared with staff at The Infants' Home Staff Training Day in October 2005

A home away from home: Shannon's story

Juggling work and children is always a challenge, more so when the child is your grandson. This is the story of how one grandmother found the support she needed to give one little boy a better start in life.

Arianna's story: a rare disease journey

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