What parents say

Tuning in to Kids

"I have learned not to dismiss my children because I thought what they were carrying on about was silly."

"With my changes — controlling my anger, sharing his feelings, listening with empathy — my son has changed a lot. He's very calm, very understanding, and very helpful. I feel the relationship with my son has become stronger and he trusts me more."

"Thank you for the chance to do the program — it is the best thing I have done to improve my relationship with my kids."

Stepping Up

"The program shone a bit of light onto things I might like to change in my life."

"I found the workshops transforming as I sometimes suffer agoraphobia since having my children, and also the deaths of my mother, uncle and a very close friend during this time. I sometimes felt so overwhelmed that I had lost touch with myself."

"Stepping Out has given me a means to explore some creative aspects of myself which had been buried for over 30 years. It was only during the course that I realised the immense joy these pursuits could add to my life, and to the lives of other women."

“As a stay-at-home Mum of two children under five I have rare opportunities to have time on my own, and especially to do something creative and fun – and affordable. I really felt this program was a gift, and feel genuine gratitude for the opportunity to participate. It was another reminder that as women and mothers we often come last. But small experiences given to us, like this, benefit the whole family. Happy Mum comes home and shares her joy and peacefulness with her children and husband; this surely creates a full circle to generate positive results in our community.”




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