Tuning in to Kids

About the program

Tuning in to Kids helps parents develop emotional competence in their children. It also encourages parents to understand the contribution of their own emotions to their parenting.

The program brings together parent education techniques and child clinical psychology.

Tuning in to Kids provides information, strategies, and resources for parents of children aged 3-6. The course helps parents improve their child’s capacity to understand their own emotions and appreciate the emotions of others.

Research demonstrates that emotionally competent children are better able to concentrate in school, manage conflict, and deal with upsetting events or situations. They also have better health and higher quality relationships throughout their lives.

Who it is for

The ideas and techniques taught in the program are useful for parents of children of all ages, but are particularly relevant for parents of preschoolers.

Tuning in to Kids is also effective for children with behavioural or anxiety problems.

What is involved

Knowledge about child development is woven through the program to help parents understand their child.

The Tuning in to Kids program consists of:

The work to prepare and deliver the program is managed by a family worker from Anglicare. Child care is provided at a cost of $5 per family.

Program aims

The program assists parents with:

The program also works to ensure that a parent's expectations of their child and the language and resources they use with their child are age-appropriate.

Term 3 2017

Date: Wednesday 2nd August - Wednesday 30th August 2017

Time: 10.00am - 12.00pm

Cost: Free

Child minding: $5 per family per session

Facilitators:   Luisa Basic, Anglicare Family support

Current flyer is here.

More information

Details from the Tuning in to Kids web site.

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