What parents say

Speech therapy

"My daughter has enjoyed her speech therapy with Alice Berry and has made great progress in this area. She can now speak fluently on news days at school and she can compose a little formal speech suitable to her age and school level."

Occupational therapy

"Sally Brown's OT work with my son has helped him to overcome his anxiety about writing and to improve his graphology so he is coping better with anxiety and writing tasks at school. Sally has also taught us, as parents, exercises and strategies we can use to support him when he is practicing his writing. This has helped us as a family because we no longer experience tantrums and conflict around homework. It also makes it easier to have realistic expectations how much our son can do in one practice session and how fast he can improve."

GP Clinic

"I appreciate having the GP service and dental service available. My son Max received his final inoculation by making an appointment with Meryl for Dr Brumby. I think it gives a parent and child some peace of mind to have GP services attached to an environment in which we all feel safe and familiar. I think the dental service was brilliant, as the visiting dentist reinforced all the positive messages about dental hygiene in a fun, caring environment."

SpOT Clinic (now replaced by theĀ Allied Health Clinic)

"My experience with the SpOT group run by Alice and Sally has been invaluable. My little one's vocabulary, language, motor and social skills accelerated once he came under their guidance and attention. Alice and Sally have helped him to improve in so many ways which has been an enormous relief to my husband and I. He's ready for school now and going gangbusters."

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