Meryl Burn

Child & Family Health Nurse

Meryl is a registered nurse with Mothercraft qualifications.

She has previously worked with the Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children, Australian Inland MissionĀ in South Australia, andĀ Tresillian.

She is currently employed as the on site nurse for our early childhood education centres, and also has a role as our intake person.

Meryl is the voice at the end of the phone when you call to enquire. She does the behind the scenes work for Sydney Hope Family Cottage. She takes enquiries, arranges home visits, and most important of all, can arrange a Nurse Midwife to visit your home.

Meryl will call a day or two before a home visit to check that everyone is well in your household, as we cannot visit if there is illness in the house.

Meryl is passionate about services for families who request support at a time when they are struggling and exhausted.

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