Food Sensitivity Awareness Policy


There is a growing prevalence in children with food restrictions, allergies and anaphylactic reactions to some food products especially nuts. Anaphylaxis is a severe form of allergic reaction which is potentially life threatening. Anaphylaxis is preventable with avoidance of specific triggers being the best option.


· to provide a safe learning environment for all children

· to increase community awareness regarding anaphylaxis in children

· to minimise health risks including anaphylaxis in children with documented allergies to nut products


The Infants’ Home (TIH)

· TIH encourages families, children, staff, visitors, volunteers, students and all community members coming onto the grounds to be aware of children with food restrictions and not bring products that contain nuts. Products that contain nuts include (but are not limited to):

other products that have nuts listed in their ingredients


· TIH will not purchase, store or use any nut products in cooking and preparing meals

· TIH will scrutinise any food items brought on to the premises for events such as coffee mornings and celebrations or external agencies using the grounds for nut products and discard as appropriate

· TIH will request families re food items donated for cake stalls / carnivals and other fundraising to be clearly labelled with this product contains nuts and wherever possible ask that a full list of ingredients is provided as part of packaging protocols

· promote the policy through newsletters, publication on website, informing families at enrolment and orientation



Food Sensitivity Aware Policy


All staff have a duty of care to support the Policy by;

· being aware of management plans for anaphylactic children in their service and knowing where Epi-pens are stored

· reminding families of the policy prior to events, birthday parties, gatherings where food is available for sharing

· be current in Asthma and Anaphylaxis training

· display photographs of children with severe allergies in prominent position where food is served


· provide the centre with a health management plan

· update health management plans annually

· consider the policy when sending food to services for birthdays, events, gatherings where food is shared

· be sensitive to the allergies of children attending the centre

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