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Property Update – Week 9

- September 17, 2012

SEPTEMBER 17 – 22. Next building information night for parents at The Infants' Home October 17 @ 5pm.

This week at The Infants' Home:

Continue to excavate and install underground plumbing services

Backfill around the two water tanks

Drill and concrete piers for stage 1 of the new building

Set out and excavate footing beams

Place reinforcement and pour concrete to footing beams

Many tonnes of soil will be used to backfill around the two 120,000-litre water tanks near Robinson House.

Drilling piers is a precise job that takes time to get right.

It's hard to imagine how a beautiful new building will rise from this site.

The next building information night for parents will be at The Infants' Home

Wednesday October 17
Dining room in our main office
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