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Property Update – Week 5 & 6

- August 23, 2012

Preparing the foundations for our new Early Learning & Care Centre.

Next meeting Wednesday 29 August

The Infants’ Home hosts a meeting on site to discuss the development on the last Wednesday of each month from 6pm – 7.30pm

Excavating the ground for sewer and stormwater pipes.

The builders have now removed all the trees and shrubs. We have a large collection of stumps and trunks which we will transform into chairs, tables and other items for the children’s playgrounds.

There has been a lot of activity on site, with trucks removing soil from the huge holes being dug to lay new sewer and stormwater pipes.


Machines of all shapes and sizes are being used to prepare the site.

Steve, the site foreman, says the team is surprised they haven't unearthed an artifact or two by now.

"We would normally find some interesting items on a job of this size, but all that we've turned up so far is a small coin that was too damaged to identify," he says. 

Many logs have been set aside so we can turn them into furniture.

What comes next

We are putting two 120,000 litre recycling tanks underground in the goose paddock and excavation for these tanks will start next week.

We will also map out an area near the main driveway where we will install an electricity substation.

All construction work is on schedule and we expect to complete the first stage of our new centre by February 2013.

The loads of excess soil are being moved to other parts of Sydney, such as Heathcote.

Staff design contributions

Soon we will ask our staff to let us know if they are interested in providing input into some design elements and fittings for the new building.

Life imitating life

Not a day goes by when children from our various centres don't have a new set of questions about what they are observing around them.

Having shown a real interest in the building activity, two of our young construction workers from Robinson House decided they would start their own excavation site in the shadows of the real one.

Real world learning...two young boys from Robinson House undertake their own excavation.

When we asked the boys what they were building they replied: "A new school."

We know what that's like.

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