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Property Update – Week 3

- August 8, 2012

"No unauthorised persons permitted" – for everyone's health and safety.

Please remember that no-one should enter the grounds of our building works.

The area surrounded by the perimeter fence is now managed by our builders QUASAR. It has sole responsibility for people entering this area, and everyone must adhere to the firm’s health and safety requirements.

The restricted access is for everyone's safety. Please take notice of our signs.

The Infants’ Home has no jurisdiction over this part of our property. We have authorised QUASAR to manage this site. Please be aware of the signs posted on our Henry Street gate.

If you want to have a look at the construction work, please speak to Lynn Farrell and she will see what she can arrange.

Small change to fence at Robinson House

To allow diggers and trucks more space to manoeuvre so we can complete earthworks, we have moved the temporary blue safety fence at the driveway end of the large yard at Robinson House.

The blue safety fence has been moved from about a metre OUTSIDE the existing permanent green boundary fence at Robinson to about two metres INSIDE the permanent green boundary fence.

More topics of conversation – and education

This will not affect the education program at Robinson or the children’s play and learning experience. In fact, we plan to use the construction work as another avenue of learning for the children.

Thu Zar and some curious boys from Robinson House watch a giant back hoe do its work.

Our educators have already been working with children to talk about tree conservation and how we will use the trunks for furniture and any wood chips as garden mulch.

The questions – and our best answers – are flowing thick and fast.

Property Update – Week 3

Property Update – Week 1

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