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Property Update – Week 2

- July 30, 2012

"MY BOYS ARE BACK!" After a week of little activity, the arborists arrive to trim some trees.

It was an early morning start for the heritage arborists.

The builders arrived early on Monday to trim trees at our Henry Street site. Or as 3 year-old Layla from Gorton House put it: "My boys are back!" 

Heritage arborists on the job 

We hired heritage arborists for this job so we can retain all significant trees.

The arborists are the same crew who help keep the Royal Botanic Gardens in shape, so we know we are in good hands. They got a good laugh from their young admirers at The Infants' Home, who were keen to discover what this tree-trimming business is all about.

We expect the tree clearing to continue throughout the week.

An arborist in a cherry-picker prunes branches from a tree near Gorton House.

With all the perimeter fencing in place, our builders are now accessing The Infants’ Home site via the two sets of double gates in Henry Street and Frederick Street.


The children have been fascinated to watch workers climbing trees with mecahnical help.

New natural wood furniture

We are also collecting tree offcuts and logs to create seats and tables for the children to use in our playgrounds.

Our educators are getting children involved wherever practical by observing the activity and discussing what it all means for The Infants' Home.

The arborists stand watch in Henry Street while large branches are brought to ground.

Steve the site manager answers some tough questions

Gorton House had front row seats to this week's activity.

Before work could start in earnest, site manager Steve and his colleague brought in the Gorton House worm farm from the side yard.

Having saved the worm farm from potential damage, the children have some questions for the workers.

But the workers were not going to get away so easily. The presence of new people was enough to start an energetic conversation.

3 year-old Lela: "What's your name?"

40-something site manager: "My name is Steve. What's yours?"

Lela: "Lela! You got pencil on your ear!"

Steve explained it was his work pencil.

Lela replied: "Not! That's our pencil!"

Steve had to take his pencil out and compare it with the ones at Gorton House for Lela and her friends to be satisfied that Steve did, in fact, have his own pencil.

Steve proves to Lela and friends that he didn't take the pencil from Gorton House.

"My boys are back!"

The following morning when the arborists returned to finish their trimming, 3 year-old Layla excitedly exclaimed to her friends: "Look, my boys are back!"

Director of Gorton House, Vin Christanto, said the Gorton children watched the activity from a storage room window.

"The boys were mesmerised by the size of the trucks," Vin says.

"The children are all very observant about changes in our environment. They took note of all the activity with a lot of interest.'"


(L) Leyla and friends watch the machines arrive (R) The children are in awe of the big trucks.

Restricted area

It is important to note that the area beyond the blue perimeter fence is now a building site and only authorised people can enter.

Reminder: the next parent meeting – to discuss any issues relating to the building work – is set for Wednesday 29 August at 6pm.

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