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Property Update – Week 16

- November 16, 2012

Living proof that a lot can happen in one month.

The new centre takes shape, above the ground.

For more than 3 months, most of the building action has been below ground and out of sight. Now, the progress is on display for all to see.

The story so far...

The following work is finished, or is just about to be completed.

Block 1A

A centre for 30 kindergarten-age children with reception, 2 meeting rooms, 3 offices, kitchen, laundry, children’s toilets, 1 playroom, and a medical room.

The old and the new...soon to become one.

Block 1B

A centre for 20 babies and 30 toddlers with 4 sleeping rooms, 1 meeting room, 1 office, 1 staff room, a kitchen, laundry, children’s toilets and 2 playrooms.

It doesn't look much like a kitchen now, but it will soon enough.

Block 2A

A centre for 20 babies and 28 toddlers with 4 sleeping rooms, kitchen, laundry, children’s toilets, and 2 playrooms.


(L) More frames for installation this week (R) Looking from Gorton House down towards the new entrance.

What’s next?

The roof sheeting is being put on stage 2A and by the end of next week roof sheeting will also be complete on 1B.

The brickwork is almost finished for the kitchen and lift area, and the builders are now putting up the steel structure for the main building and kindergarten.

They have also started work on the substation. The Frederick Street stormwater work should start in the next couple of weeks.


Our CEO, Anita Kumar and, our Integrated Services Manager, Lynn Farrell, did a walkthrough of the building work this week. The inspection was to get a feel for the location, size and space of the new areas.


Anita and Lynn check tha plans (R) Another view of the new centre looking towards Robinson House.

And according to Anita and Lynn, the new spaces feel great.

“It was very exciting for us to see how it is all coming together,” Anita says.

“One of the most exciting things for us was the huge indoor and outdoor transition areas. We can see how these areas will enhance our programs and improve the interaction between our indoor and outdoor spaces.”

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