Our new


Our new centre

Our vision was to build a 240-place integrated Early Education and Care Centre to ensure that even more children have every opportunity to reach their unique potential.

The first stage of this new centre opened on July 1, 2013.

A new home for our unique services

During the late 19th century, The Infants’ Home acquired the property where we conduct our work today. Over the years, the structures have been modified and put to the best use within their limitations.

But the solutions of yesteryear cease to be relevant against the unique challenges of today.

While we have been resourceful in adapting our services to the existing environment, it is not viable to maintain the status quo and deliver services over the medium to long-term.

The Infants’ Home needed to invest in a new environment that best delivers the unique services required by the children and families we support, especially those with special needs.

Research and evidence

Integrated services are now widely promoted, and a feature of Australian Government policy.

The Australian Government’s agenda for early childhood advocates:

“high-quality, accessible and affordable integrated early childhood education and childcare”.

The government says integration will better meet the needs of children and families, particularly those facing multiple challenges or living in difficult circumstances.

The Infants’ Home has accumulated extensive experience and knowledge on how to implement this integrated model and we are seen as pioneers in delivering these services.

Charles Sturt University recognises our model as international best practice.

The Infants’ Home has also been recognised as a leader in NSW in providing such an integrated model, which is supported by national and international research.

Our aim is to create opportunities for young children so they can reach their unique potential.

A social enterprise

Our new centre will have strong outcomes and impact. It will meet the gap in services identified through the Supply and Demand Analysis Report 2010 – 2020.

The project is underpinned by three core concepts:

1. Social enterprise – to generate income, making the clinic financially secure in the next 3 years and generate funds for The Infants’ Home to become financially sustainable.

2. Strategy – a model that works to the strengths of The Infants’ Home and aligns with our vision, while taking our work to a broader community directly and through partnerships.

3. Capacity building – the model has already attracted attention from governments as it can be replicated in rural and regional settings. It encompasses low level organisational risk, small overheads, and removes operational funding.

The next 100 years

This is an exciting opportunity for The Infants’ Home to provide services for children and families in our community for many years to come.

Our growth will happen with minimal disruption to our existing programs and routines. We will continue to operate all our services and undertake the building work in stages.

It is a mammoth task, and we appreciate any involvement, help or support.

Make a difference

You can make a direct contribution to improving the lives of children and families facing hardship. All money we raise will help The Infants’ Home continue to meet the special circumstances of the children in our care.

Make a donation via our secure website. Or you can write a cheque for The Infants’ Home and send it to:

The Infants’ Home
17 Henry Street
Ashfield NSW 2131

Donations over $2 are tax deductible. 

Together we can build a centre of excellence for our community and continue to provide each child with every opportunity.

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