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This week at The Infants' Home: September 10 to September 14, 2018

- September 14, 2018

Welcome to The Infants Home's weekly news roundup.

Johnson House Preschool

The interest in gardening continues in Johnson House Preschool. The children have been tending to their plants regularly and were excited to see that some of the seeds had sprouted. The children made great observations, noting how some of the seedlings were quite tall, while others were shorter. To extend on this the children were provided with rulers so a comparison could be made between seedling heights, and these could also be used as a tool to check back in on the seedlings’ progress each day. The children were able to identify the numbers on the rulers, as well as beginning to learn to categorise the plants based on measures of growth. This is a great example of how mathematical concepts can be integrated into everyday learning experiences. Gardening is also a wonderful opportunity for the children to connect with the natural world, develop a respect for the environment as well as have the opportunity to learn a range concepts to help create a holistic approach to learning.



Johnson House Toddlers

Exploring Dinosaurs

The children continue to choose to follow their interest in exploring dinosaurs. The children transferred their existing knowledge of different types of dinosaurs as they created their own dinosaurs with modelling clay. The children transferred their learning from our story ‘Millie's Special Something’, and expressed their ideas and thoughts about what a dinosaur might look like as they created their own dinosaur. The children also made dinosaur footprints in the sand, and investigated our fact book and discovered how big the T-Rex footprints actually were!


Murray House

The infants in Murray House have been engaging in pretend play by exploring different ways of making cupcakes with play dough, sand, paint, natural/recycled materials and drawing. 

The children used their imagination and creativity to mould, build and make their own cupcakes. We’ve been introducing different ingredients and using our senses to feel, smell, touch and discuss the appearance of the different substances. As we spoke about mixing the ingredients, children were provided with raw dough and flour to explore the change of textures. Using different containers to build differently shaped cakes exposed the children to new learning about shapes such as stars and circles, which stimulated excitement and led us to investigate further.

Through the making of the pretend cupcakes a lot of ideas were translated from children’s thinking and memories, such as celebrating birthdays and fun cooking experience with their families. 

The children in Murray House toddlers have been busy thinking about a place that we call 'home' and its whereabouts. Following this interest, the children were invited to transfer their thoughts into creating three dimensional structures that represent the space where they live, and its connection to the suburb, city, and country. Many of them were able to recall the names of the suburbs, such as Ashfield, Summerhill, and Strathfield. They also talked about their favourite places near their homes, such as the park, and Murray House where they go to “daycare”!

Using cardboard boxes, masking tape, and a map, the children worked in collaboration to create “the city” in which they live. It is amazing how they put so many details in their creations, such as, “This is my house at Ashfield. Its got two windows”. Another child pointed out, “I live in Australia, with my mum, dad, and brothers”.




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