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This week at The Infants' Home: October 1 to October 5, 2018

- October 5, 2018

Welcome to The Infants' Home's weekly news roundup.

Gorton House

The children from Gorton House Toddlers’ room have been exploring with their senses to touch, look at and feel different materials, and to examine size, shapes and colors through art. In particular, they noticed that materials can make different sounds when manipulated them, and that they can use these to make patterns and shapes. The children’s enjoyment was evident as they sat within the group quietly and concentrated on their own artworks. During the experience, Educator Sima encouraged the children to communicate by modelling descriptive language and asking for their ideas sing simple and clear language. The children were able to express their ideas through words and body language. This experience was also a great opportunity to further enhance the children’s hand-eye coordination and muscle strength in their hands as they held, operated and controlled the brushes.



Johnson House Preschool

The Educators in the Johnson House program have identified the need for the children to continually test their limits and explore the benefits of risk-taking in a safe and supportive environment.

The triangular rope ladder has been a welcome addition to our outdoor environment. It proved to be very popular with lots of children wanting to test out their climbing skills. Climbing offers many benefits, including enhancing hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, focus and concentration, self-esteem and overcoming fears. The ladder is not fixed to the ground at the bottom which means there's lots of balancing practice as well!

Lots of research within early childhood explores the understanding of outdoor play as a means for open-ended, dynamic and varied opportunities which can be unpredictable and, at times, risky. With these risks and challenges, children were given great opportunities for learning, problem-solving and developing social capabilities.



Johnson House Toddlers

How Can We Move With our Hoops?

The children are very enthusiastic about movement games at the moment. To offer them a challenging experience and to move with some props, the children moved with hoops and scarves. They were very creative in choosing actions to do with the hoop!



Murray House

Toddlers program

Uncle Terry is an Aboriginal artist who will be spending the next five months visiting Murray House once a week. The toddlers in Murray House have been building a connection and close relationship with Uncle Terry. He was missed last week due when he was away because he broke his little toe! His return to the program was welcomed with excitement. On Thursday, we showed Uncle Terry that we have been reading the book “Kangaroo and the Porpoise” by Agnes Lippo. Uncle Terry then taught us the ‘Kangaroo Dance’, where we jumped on our legs and moved around just like a kangaroo! We have to be careful when we move around Uncle Terry, as we might jump on his broken toe (ow!). He jokingly said that his kangaroo was limping so he can’t jump too high J thank you Uncle Terry. See you next week!

Babies program

The wet weather over the past few days has given the opportunity for us to modify our indoor play area. Educator Latha invited a group of children to practice their gross motor skills, spatial awareness, and balance by using masking tape to create patterns on the floor for children to skip on, jump on, and walk on using their tippy toes! The possibilities were endless,s and the children showed great concentration and focus in participating in the game.



Robinson House

At Robinson House a popular book we have been reading frequently lately is titled ‘Shoe Baby’. This book is about a baby who goes on an adventure in a shoe. The texts and images in the book encourage the children and Educators to use their imaginations to join the baby on his adventure. Over the last few months we collaboratively designed and sculptured a ‘Shoe Baby Car’, making our own 3-D model based on our interpretation of the book. This project has enabled us to continue to value using recycled material, as we used old newspapers and cardboard boxes to papier-mâché  the car. We are now working on adding detail and specific features like colours and laces, and we even have begun sculpting the baby to ride in the shoe.  

Through this learning the children and Educators have embarked on an amazing journey and adventure showing how books can have a joyful impact on our lives. Through the repetitive rhythmic use of words and using open-ended questioning as we turn each page and look at the colorful images, we have joined the characters in this book and learnt how books are fun, exciting and create further learning possibilities.


Family Day Care

Family Day Care Educators have been implementing a wide variety of natural open ended learning experiences within their environments. One Educator has started implementing a herb garden where she has incorporated the herbs into the doll’s house experience to enrich and extend the learning. Logs, stones and pine cones were added in the outdoor environment as an open-ended play experience and to extend on the children’s current interest.

During a play group the children had the opportunity to develop their basic mathematical skills. They were able to understand that numbers have meaning by using counters to attach the associated amount. This experience also supported the development of fine motor skills.

Recently four Educators and their children joined an FDC staff member on a discovery tour at Woolworths at Eastgardens shopping centre.  The children learnt how bread is made at the bakery, went inside the enormous fridge to see the vegetables and fruit being kept cool and stepped briefly into the deep freeze! The tour included handling a variety of fruit and vegetables and the children were excited to taste a colourful rainbow of fresh fruit.

Recently, the children at Greenway FDC have been exploring farm animals. Educator Suzanne added some fabulous farm animal props and some hay to the space, which enabled the children to explore animals and what they eat. This learning experience led Suzanne to become involved in supporting the farmers’ drought relief. Suzanne and the children baked cakes and the parents could buy these when they came to collect. Greenway Family Day Care raised $152 for the farmers–well done!.

All about shapes

At one family day care home the children learnt about shapes, helping to gather different kinds of shapes so that they could match them to the ones on a sheet of paper. Through this experience the children:




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