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This week at The Infants' Home: May 7 to 11, 2018

- May 11, 2018

Welcome to The Infants Home's weekly news roundup.

Johnson House Preschool

Did you know that pool noodles can make great pencils?! The children in Johnson House Preschool had great fun using jumbo chalk within the pool noodle, making the perfect oversized pencil. Some children practiced letters, some discovered great patterns and lines, and others simply scribbled. It didn’t matter what was created, it was the motor planning that was important!

What is Motor Planning? Also known as Praxis, it involves first generating an idea of what you want to do (ideation), figuring out how you are going to do it (motor planning) and then doing or carrying out what you wanted to do (execution). Integration of the brain and the senses (e.g. touch, movement, vision, and hearing) are required for good planning and sequencing. Planning and sequencing are important skills that enable a child to perform many everyday tasks such as walking, running, and playing sports. Planning and sequencing skills are also required for everyday self-care tasks such as dressing and eating, and impact on a child’s ability to organise themselves and learn new routines. Difficulties with planning and sequencing can also influence the skills required for writing, drawing and cutting.


Johnson House Toddlers

Children at Johnson House toddlers have been continuing to explore the world of creepy crawlies, following on from their explorations of ladybirds last week, this week they have been investigating spiders. Children and educators discussed spider habitats, and how and why spiders spin webs. The children began to understand that a spider web is for the spider's food. The children explored the number of legs a spider has, and where it might be found. Children then drew their own spiders, including feels, legs, and a body. The educators engaged the children in the story The Itsy Bitsy Spider



Rigby House Infants

At Rigby House, some of the older infants have been showing interest in words and type, beginning to recognise letters in picture books, pointing them out and saying them aloud. ​


Family Day Care

At Sachie's FDC in Mortdale, the discovery of a flower led to a learning experience in exploring the life cycle of plants. After finding a flower, the children investigated it and found a seed. Sachie then provided the children with the opportunity to explore the life cycle of plans and investigate seeds. After discussing the subject and making some observations, children were able to grow their own seeds and watch them turn into sprouts. 

The children were able to explore, infer, predict and hypothesise as they developed an increased understanding of the interdependence between land, people, plants and animals.  The children were able to explore the relationship with other living and non-living things, and observe, notice and respond to the changes they witnessed.



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