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This week at The Infants' Home: May 14 to 18, 2018

- May 18, 2018

Welcome to The Infants Home's weekly news roundup.

Family Day Care - maths is fun!

Learning about maths is important in early childhood education. The concepts might seem simple to adults but they lay the foundation for later understanding of mathematical relationships and processes. There are lots of engaging ways to introduce these important concepts to children.

At Julie and Greta’s FDC in Warriewood, Julie set up a maths activity for the children that encouraged them to match shapes and explore shape recognition and hand/eye coordination. The children accepted challenges and recognised their achievements as they worked their way through the shape board.


Gorton House Toddlers - learning about Aboriginal culture and songs with Uncle Terry

Children at Gorton House toddlers enjoyed group time with Uncle Terry, learning about culture and practicing two songs (Sasha and Jalma). Some of the children knew the words and sang with Uncle Terry and the educators, performing hand actions. Children learned about Australian animals like kangaroos, koalas and Emus, pretending to be one of them while dancing. Uncle Terry showed them a special musical instrument - tapping sticks - and children sang songs while he tapped the sticks, before exploring them. Children were happy to share the space with their peers and take turns to tap the sticks. 



Johnson House Toddlers - a parachute, a windy day and a lot of laughter

Cathy, Early Childhood Teacher at Johnson House, invited the children to join in group time with a parachute and a story. The children were very eager to participate in a movement game with the parachute, discussing how high the parachute might go in the wind. As the children were singing and moving with the parachute they discovered the wind could make the parachute fly high and create a swishing sound as the wind was strong and loud. The children laughed loudly as they moved with the parachute. The children recalled the words and actions to the songs Ring a ring o' roses and We are going up and down. The children had the opportunity to facilitate the development of their gross motor skills in this experience, building the strength of their large muscles as they moved quickly and jumped. The children were also practicing listening and communication skills as they offered ideas for the game and listened to the educators' directions to "stop" "walk or " run".


Johnson House Preschool - wheelbarrow walking

In Johnson House preschool the educators and occupational therapist, Justine, have been focusing on upper body and core strength.

Wheelbarrow walking is a great example of this and is something children can do every day to help build both upper extremity and core strength. It’s also great for strengthening the hand and finger muscles for better fine motor control. Effective arm movement and control is only possible when core (trunk) strength and stability are present. A stable core provides a solid base of support from which the arms and legs are free to move with precision and control. 

Wheelbarrow walks are excellent for activating the proprioceptive sensory system. Proprioception is the sense of the relative position of the parts of your own body, and the strength of effort being employed in the movement of those parts. Activating the proprioceptive system allows the body to know how much movement, control and strength the muscles need to use.


Robinson House Preschool - developing a sustainable garden

The children in Robinson House have been developing a garden of vegetables and herbs. They have been learning sustainable means of maintaining their garden - making their own compost, harvesting seeds to be replanted, and being conscious of the water needs of their garden. The next area they will be focusing on is turning kitchen scraps into a garden, as many vegetables and herbs can be regrown from scraps. Do you have any kitchen scraps that Robinson House could regrow?



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