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This week at The Infants' Home: June 25 to June 29, 2018

- June 29, 2018

Welcome to The Infants Home's weekly news roundup.

Johnson House Toddlers - friendships and connections

During outdoor play at Johnson House Toddlers, the children asked Cathy to join them in playing The Little Sandy Girl/ Boy. The children initiated the play experience and demonstrated an eagerness to join in with their peers in this small group experience. The children were very confident in recalling the actions and words to the song and gladly chose a peer to dance with. The children have regular opportunities to play in small groups and have demonstrated confidence in making strong connections with their peers. The educators will continue to build on the children's social and emotional development in all areas of the program. Throughout the day children can choose to play in small group experiences. For example, dancing and singing experiences, sharing stories together, play dough and sand play experiences.


Johnson House Preschool - ocean explorers

Children in Johnson House preschool have been interested in aspects of the ocean. To extend on this, a dedicated space was created to extend children’s interest. The children helped to develop the area and suggested what could be added. As the space developed, so too did the children’s ideas. They engaged with books to extend on their knowledge and curiosity about different ocean creatures. As the week progressed, they also created a communal artwork to add to the space. Such projects help the children to extend on their knowledge and interests and also support the children to work in collaboration with each other. This builds on skills of communication, respect and also helps the children to resource learning from the materials provided as well as the interactions that take place. 



Rigby House Infants and Toddlers - nursery rhymes

Toddler children at Rigby House enjoyed a game of Ring a Ring O' Roses with their teacher, Elise. The children demonstrated happiness and enjoyment in playing this game with their friends. The game helped the children to learn to hold hands, and to move around in a circle, demonstrating their coordination and spatial skills.  They demonstrated their great listening skills as they responded to the cues of the song, and anticipated with excitement the falling down and getting up actions. 



Murray House Infants and Toddlers - who sank the boat?

In Murray house the infants children have shown a huge interest in investigating and experimenting with height, speed, size, and weight etc. To support their interest, during mat time educators have been reading Who sank the boat? by Pamela Allen. The children are beginning to talk about and experiment with weight (heavy versus light). As this book gives the children the chance to calculate and analyse why things happen the way they do in the story, they are getting closer to satisfying their curiosity. Educators provided an imaginary boat (a dolls bathtub) and invited the children to fill the boat with the animals as they retold the story, to see how many can fit in the boat, before testing the boat in the water. 



Family Day Care - sensory play

At Lulu’s Family Day Care, the children were provided with a learning experience that enabled them to connect with natural and processed materials through their explorations of a sensory basket.  Lulu had created a basket filled with a variety of natural items, which encouraged the children manipulate the resources and investigate how they felt, and the different sounds they made.



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